Spain is a country known for its relaxed lifestyle, amazing cities with vibrant nightlife, excellent food, and world-famous folklore and festivals, Spain boasts a huge number of World Heritage Sites and other spectacular places to visit. It also deserves its reputation as a beach vacation destination; the Western edge of the Mediterranean Sea is home to some of the world’s top beaches.


Things to know before visit Spain


In Spain, the climate depends on the region. For instance, the coastal part of Spain has warm and dry summers while the winters are cool and wet. The northern region has mild winters and hot summers. In the southeastern part of Spain, summers are very hot. Summers usually last from May to September with warm and dry weather.

Places to Visit

Madrid, the capital city of Spain is renowned for its food specialties, artistic beauty, exciting nightlife and much more. Its museums has a fabulous collection of art-e-facts and paintings of iconic artists like Picasso, Dali and Miro. The royal palaces of Madrid add a cultural hint to the city.


Welcome to the city of dine and drinks where not just days, but nights are also lit with life and happiness. Barcelona is an ever-celebrating state with its fine dine restaurants and open air food festivals, fashion forwards, art and unending music. Travelers can also tour the streets to learn about the architectural concepts of the Roman era. The beaches of Barcelona are also worth visiting for the Iberian sun and occasional dips in the beaches and lakes. Travelers can also take on hiking or go climbing at the Collselrola hills.


Bull-fighting, flamenco, guitar wielding, wine, Roman singers are the most common synonyms of Spain and all of this is found in Andalucia. The white stoned villages show the dual past of Christianity and Islam in Andlucia. To experience more natural beauty and glory hidden behind the unsaid attractions of Andalucia, a stroll in Tejeda National Park is a must.

Camino De Santiago

For all those who also wish to experience a spiritual journey, Camino de santiago is the trail for them. With no spot in the entire way leaving you unmoved, the on-goers and local residents swear by its beauty and spiritual powers.

Travel Advisory: For the latest information and advice on safety and entry requirements please consult your travel agent well in advance of your departure and visit the following government website:
Department of Foreign affairs and trade
Smart Traveler website

Electricity: Spain regulates on dual power ranges i.e. 110-120 and 220-240 volts and uses European plug type.


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