Chile lies between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, geographically diverse Chile is a long, thin stretch of land encompassing some of the world's driest deserts in the north, and some of its largest glacial fields in the south. Chile also contains charming cities providing plenty of urban things to do and see. It boasts lush wine regions, a culture that stretches through vast history, Chile is a must do when travelling in South America.


Things to know before visit Chile


Chile has varied climate given its size and terrain type. In the south there is a lot of rainfall while the north has the driest desert. The central region experiences Mediterranean climate. From October to April is summer while winters fall between May and September.

Places to Visit

The capital city of Chile, Santiago is a metropolis with a fabulous view. Nestled between snow-capped Andes and the coastline, this city is bustling with energy and vigor. It has an array of museums to explore, cultural events to attend, monuments and party places to let your hair down. Santiago has an old world charm with a touch of modernity.

Easter Island

Located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, Easter Island is actually thousands of miles off the coast of Chile and is one of the most isolated islands in the world. Renowned for 887 extant monumental statues called Moai, this island has a mystical charm. Water sports activities like snorkeling and surfing are also popular here.

Lauca National Park

Travel far north, to the Andean range to see, one of the world’s highest lakes- the Lago Chungará set against an imposing background of the Volcán Parinacota, a dormant volcano. The national park is teeming with wildlife including; rheas, flamingoes, alpacas and llamas.

Torres del Paine

Located in the southern region of Patagonian Chile, this unique national park has glaciers, mountains and lakes. The striking features at the park are three Towers of Paine, which are granite peaks that have been shaped due to the forces of glacial ice. There are many good hiking and trekking routes in this region showcasing the picturesque peaks and valleys of national park. You can indulge in kayaking,fishing and boating at the lake as well.

Valle de la Luna

You will be awe struck by the stark beauty of this desert landscape. The large sand dunes and stone structures look like the surface of the moon, giving it the name of “Valley of the Moon”. The rugged lunar features, deep valleys, salt caves and deep valleys give the feeling of entering another planet. The desert has been formed over the centuries due to continuous floods and winds on the stone and sand of the region.

San Rafael Glacier

Located in the Lagoon National Park, the San Rafael Glacier, is an imposing ice mass hiding well in the fjords of the Patagonia region of Chile. It is the last remnant of the Patagonia's ice age and can be reached only by boat or aeroplane. The boat journey is awe inspiring, passing through the narrow channels of the Aisén region.

Travel Advisory: For the latest information and advice on safety and entry requirements please consult your travel agent well in advance of your departure and visit the following government website:
Department of Foreign affairs and trade
Smart Traveler website

Electricity: Chile has 220 volts of electricity. All the Chilean sockets accept European plugs that have two round metal pins. Its best to carry an international adapter with multiple plug configurations.


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