Bosnia and Herzegovina, are other Balkan gems, Tourism in the country is slowly growing since the turmoil of the early 90s. You’ll be welcomed by locals with open arms, eager to share their country and culture with tourists with an open mind. Best known for Sarajevo and Mostar Bosnia & Herzegovina has so much more on offer for the worlds eager tourists keen to discoverits rich history and charming streets.


Things to know before visit Bosnia and Herzegovina


Bosnia and Herzegovina has Mediterranean climate in the plains near the sea and it gets continental in the mountainous region. The country has summer from May to September with temperatures rising high. Winters can get extremely cold in the hills, which lasts from November to March with snowfall but it is the perfect time for skiing.

Places to Visit

Situated alongside the Lasva River, Travnik has a fine balance of a strong past that is seen through its rugged buildings, traditional eastern-style edifices, a 15th-century old town heart and two Ottoman clock towers. It also has a modern touch to it. It is an adventure hub with many spots for skiing and hiking.


Capital city of Bosnia, Sarajevo is steeped in history and art. It is a beautiful town with varied religious monuments dotting the city. You can see intricately carved out mosques, majestic Orthodox and Catholic Cathedrals as well stunning Synagogues as Catholicism, Orthodox Christianity, Judaism and Islam have had strong presence in this city, earning the title- the ‘Jerusalem of Europe’. A must visit here is the Old Bazaar. In the stone paved streets of the baazaar you will find local artifacts and handicrafts along side cafes and nightclubs- giving a vibrant vibe to the city.


A skii lover’s abode, Jahorina was the former host of Winter Olympics. It has people coming to skii from all over the world in the winters and hikers in the summers to trek up to pine-spotted Dinaric Alps. Jahorina is not only about outdoor activities. The beautiful town of Pale from the valley below beckons travelers for a relaxed time while the pre-historic Orlovaca cave system and the hunting lodges makes it a fun place to explore.


A beautiful gem in the Bosnia Herzegovina, Trebinje is a picturesque town set against the waters of the meandering Trebisnjica River cutting the city into two parts. As you travel around in the city, you will see an array of Ottoman monuments with the original eastern facades made in the 18th century. A must visit is the beautiful Serbian Orthodox cathedral and the remnants of the Klobuk fortress towering the city.


One of the most beautiful town’s in the country, Stolac is layered with cultural heritage and unique architectural wonders. From the remnants of Roman Diluntum dating back to the 3rd century to the elegant Austro-Hungarian Baroque style of architecture seen in tombstones of the Radimlja necropolis, Stolac has a lot to offer. Its a photographer’s paradise with real-stone bridges, wooden watermills and stunning structures.

Travel Advisory:For the latest information and advice on safety and entry requirements please consult your travel agent well in advance of your departure and visit the following government website:
Department of Foreign affairs and trade
Smart Traveler website

Electricity: While traveling to this country it is advisable to carry an international power plug adapter with multiple plug configurations. The standard voltage is at 220V.


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