Few places manage to capture the world's imagination quite like Greece, a land of sun-kissed coastlines, tranquil whitewashed villages, lively seaside towns, and well-preserved ancient sites. One of the world's top tourist destinations since ancient times, the country draws nearly 20 million visitors each year. Athens, the birthplace of Western civilization, continues to attract the biggest crowds and serves as a base for exploring the country and its 227 inhabited islands. Away from its cities, Greece features a picturesque countryside of olive groves, vineyards, and tiny settlements nestled against rolling hills and rugged mountain ranges. Explore the old mainland on foot and discover the islands on a guided boat or ferry tour.


Things to know before visit Greece


Greece primarily has a Mediterranean climate with moderate temperatures, sunshine and less rainfall. The hottest weather is season between from mid-July to mid-August while its pleasant between September-October and also May and June.

Places to Visit
The Acropolis

Left partially ruined, some parts in ashes, The Acropolis still rules the city of Greece beautifully all the time. The site is a must visit for its exclusive architecture. The Acropolis also has the greatest sanctuary of all times that is purely dedicated to the goddess Athens.


The city of Santorini is most loved for its open, modern vibes and parties. The romantic feel of the city is admired with perfect sunsets and dim light white streets. The Thira island in Santorini or the hilltop village of Oia are worth visiting when in Santorini.


The largest island of Greece, Crete is popular with tourists and locals alike. The Cretan cuisine, splendid golden beaches with blue waters, old and charming villages, vibrant and lively cities invite huge crowds to come and fall in love with this European city.


The ancient Delphi in Greece, built on the Mountain Parnassos, is a world heritage site that is magnificent and alluring for travelers. The archaeological spot was considered to be the center of the world by the Greeks. It also has beautiful theaters, museums and monuments.


Founded as a combination of six monasteries, Meteora is a Greek beauty with a monastery still intact in its actual form and other two housing nuns. The Meteora is a world heritage listed site.

Travel Advisory: For the latest information and advice on safety and entry requirements please consult your travel agent well in advance of your departure and visit the following government website:
Department of Foreign affairs and trade www.dfat.gov.au
Smart Traveler website www.smartraveler.gov.au

Electricity: The electricity supply in Greece is similar to that in Australia i.e. 220-240 volts using the European plug types.


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