Germany is the home of high culture, fine art, classical music, world-class sports, award-winning cuisine--and some of the world's best beers, Germany is a federation of 16 states. Each boasts its own distinct culture, art, cuisine, regional traditions, and array of things to do., Germany is admired for its old-world charm and what is locally known as gemutlichkeit (coziness). This is one of the easiest countries in the world to explore, offering an abundance of sightseeing opportunities.


Things to know before visit Germany


Germany experiences a lot of rainfall throughout the year and most of it is seen in the summers. Also, the weather in Germany varies depending on which part of Germany are you visiting. Usually, summers are warm while winters are cool. Though the Alpine regions does get a lot colder due to its altitude.

Places to Visit
Rugen Island

Touching emerald shade water with beautiful natural sightings and backdrops , Rugen island attracts tourists for many reasons. It is the largest island of Germany that is surrounded with impressively built villas, sea-viewing resorts and thrilling beaches. It also has a widely known and popular, Jasmund national park. Rugen island is therefore a must visit in Germany.


Cologne is the German hub of tourist attractions that pulls more footfall fans each year. Bustling with urban city lifestyle, Cologne is filled with lively and fancy restaurants, bars, clubs, art galleries, and more. One of Colognes’ loved scenic site is the Cologne Cathedral.

The Romantic Road

If you wish to go on a road trip, drive along the the Romantic Road stretching about 400 kms. It offers hugely luxurious views to soak in. The road takes the travellers from Wurzburg to Fussen in South Germany. One cannot make enough stops to justify the charming views that stretch has got to offer. The romantic road is the ideal way to explore the raw beauty of Germany like a local.

Schwarzwald National Park

The national park is known as ‘Black forest’ that has unexplored wild beauty. The forest is extremely dense which makes it stay dark even during the day. This is a beautiful place for nature fanatics to discover and explore the hidden wilderness of the national park.

Travel Advisory: For the latest information and advice on safety and entry requirements please consult your travel agent well in advance of your departure and visit the following government website: Department of Foreign affairs and trade Smart Traveler website

Electricity: Germany regulates and supply electricity at 220-240 volt range.


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