The USA with its Giant urban centers, various cultures and ways of life truly provides a travelers paradise regardless of the requirement, home to over 300 million people living in a wide range of landscapes and climates. From its big-city skyscrapers to its sprawling natural parks, the country's ''melting pot'' combines many ethnic groups that share a strong sense of national identity despite their cultural differences. A country of road trips and big blue skies, the United States harbors orderly cities filled with restaurants, parks, museums, and innumerable sightseeing opportunities, as well as pristine natural areas perfect for a holiday in the great outdoors.


Things to know before visit USA

Best Time to Travel

The 50 united states of America offer a different weather at each time, simultaneously, so whether you are a traveler wishing to fly in january or April, July or November, some or the other city has the perfect weather for you. All you have to do is to match your interests with the available time options. Though the peak travel months are from May to September, each coast has something to offer at specific times of the year. The East coast is loved in May and June, the west coast offers pleasant weather from April to October while the mid west has a greater foot fall in Spring.

Places to Visit
National parks

USA is a living proof of an active wildlife with with 55 national parks that are home to many different species. Apart from this, the national parks also offer alluring landscapes for the travelers. Some of the most famous ones being Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Death Valley National park, demand a visit undoubtedly.

Iconic drives

USA is globally competitive and known for its infrastructure and specially for its smooth drives. The country offers a way for each to experience the lyrical landscapes, outskirt villages, local living and highway beauty. Be it the best routes Pacific coast highway or Route 66, the drives never fail to amaze the tourists.

Ranch Life

Enjoy the peaceful and farm ranch life of USA in its west and explore natural beauty that is not rearranged by humans. Live and witness the diverse lifestyles of USA in the local cities and be moved by their glorious past or ordinary history of raw green lands.


The music culture in USA is as diverse as its singers and their roots. It is a perfect blend and shows a loved existence of rock, jazz, country, blues, pop, soul, techno, experimental and more, all at the same time. The music that comes from USA is extremely influential all across the globe. One can experience each kind of music at different places and parts of USA.

New England

New England is the birth giver of America, which has a rich culture and glorious history that can be experienced in its local lifestyle. The aromatic food, mountainous beauty, adventurous opportunities are some of its attractions. It is a favorite tourist spot for many right reasons. A traveler can never get bored by the hill top views, art museums, rock music, folk festivals, and mouth watering food in this ever-celebrating country.

Native American Culture

As a tribute to those who have struggled and won through and for the country, some native American tribes keep the spirit of their culture alive with traditionally old custom practices like painting, sculpting, carving. They also continue to wear traditional dresses to keep the culture a part of their daily lives. Witnessing these is a best way to understand the roots of America.

Transport system: USA is a well advanced country with a very organized and easy to use transport system, even for tourists. One may use the underground metro trains in major cities. When outside the reach of trains, tramways and trolley buses are considered to be the bust way of transport for local wandering.

Tipping: Tipping in USA is considered a custom as and when you avail any service, especially in restaurants and casinos. It is believed to be a sign of acknowledgment and satisfaction.

Electricity: USA has standardized slab for electrical power that is between 110 volts and 220 volts, varying as per the requirement.

Entry: Australian citizens need to have a passport valid for upto one year and a visa approval for entering the turf of USA. For more updated and detailed information, please visit...


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