Australia boasts Vibrant accommodating cities, spectacular foods influences by its multiculturalism and natural beauties rarely seen in one destination, home of the Kangaroo and Koala, the Great barrier room, Uluru (Ayes rock) and thousands of KM of coastline Australia has something for everyone.


Things to know before visit Australia


Australia is a huge country and it climate changes from one region to the other. In the north, it is hot and the temperature is tropical in nature while the south enjoys sub-tropical weather with moderate temperatures. Rainfall majorly takes place in the coastal parts. June to August is the winter season while the dry weather and also the monsoon come between December-February.

Places to Visit

This green city of Australia rightly shows off its wild side with the national parks galore. The crystalline beaches and golden sands are breathtaking. The parties of Sydney are also great. The coastal setting of Sydney offers water adventures to everyone.

Byron Bay

If you wish to taste the boho-Australian lifestyle, then Byron Bay is the place to be in Australia. Surf your way in the amazing aqua of Byron Bay or idle away your time through the coast on the beach quietly. Byron Bay has a lot to explore for those seeking the raw Australian life.

Daintree Rain forest

Daintree rain forest is one of a kind sight in Australia. The Bloomfield rivers and old dated but exclusive ecosystem also draw tourists to it. Explore the national park with ease to soak in its beauty.


Witness nature merging with modern infrastructure in Queensland, Australia. The place is filled with bars, restaurants, clubs and eateries to try. The Esplanade Lagoon offers to be a great luxury and relaxing spot.

Travel Advisory: For the latest information and advice on safety and entry requirements please consult your travel agent well in advance of your departure and visit the following government website: Department of Foreign affairs and trade Smart Traveler website

Electricity: With Australian and European plug type, Argentina supplies electricity at 220-240 volts.


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