Japan is an amazing country of Contrasts, Tokyo and Kyoto and other Cities with their 24 hour hustle to the ancient traditions known across the world. Step back in time and see Geishas dressed in kimonos surrounded in centuries old Japanese architecture and stroll a little further to be among skycrapersof glass and steel, Get away from the bright lights and relax with a view of the serene golden temple Kinkakuji, prosperous pagodas, and imperial palaces at World Heritage Site Nijo Castle. Stroll along the cherry blossom lined riverside on the famous “Philosopher’s Walk” and bask in the fragrant floral scents. Be whisked away by a cruise through the Japanese Seas and step foot into the Gardens of Kanazawa, it is globally renowned for world class gastronomy prepared with the precision of a surgeon. Japan offers a fascinating journey for all travellers alike.


Things to know before visit Japan


Japan blossoms between March and May when spring is on and also in Autumn between September and November. At this time, there is scanty rainfall, clear skies and moderate temperatures. During winters (December and February), Japan can get bitterly cold but days are sunny with little snow and rain.

Places to Visit

Tokyo is the capital of Japan that lives with vibrant energy all the time. The city is a hub of rising development yet traditional roots. Here, one can experience new and advanced lifestyle with old beliefs rooted in the hearts of the natives. The technological grace of Tokyo as a city inspires and leads the country and the world. Its nightlife and eateries are a great attraction too. The city is also the fashion capital of the country with the best and elite trends.


Takayama speaks of the old charm of Japan that houses traditional wooden homes. It is the perfect spot to be added in the journey to Japan for the raw, untouched and cultural experience of the country. The wooden handicraft and work in Takayama by its natives is worth appraisal and few also like to take some of them home. One thing to be enjoyed by travellers is the Takayama festival.


Get lost in the peaceful chants and enjoy the site of saffron robed monks in the traditional city of Kyoto. The city has a number of spectacular temples to visit. The food served in Kyoto is something to be loved. The Nashiki market in Kyoto is the food hub of the city where one can taste the delicious and sumptuous Japanese dishes. The city can also be explored for detailed and gorgeous art-e-facts and souvenirs.

Mount Fuji

Speaking of beauty, Mount Fuji is a mesmerizing sight. The defining peaks and picturesque scenery around Mt Fuji speak for itself and gives the climbers a chance to experience the chill and nature’s beauty together.


The city of Kanazawa is filled with beautiful temples and architectural ruins of Samurai and Geisha districts which offer a peak into ancient Japan. The city also houses great museums and markets for the tourists to explore. Kenroku-en (the castle garden) is a must visit when in Kanazawa.


With boulevard of temples and shrines, that tells the story of being the world heritage site, Nikko is a must visit place in Japan. It is a much-loved place for its beautiful landscapes and national parks that are filled with rich wildlife. Even the imperial palace and onsen in Nikko are visited and loved by travellers.

Travel Advisory: For the latest information and advice on safety and entry requirements please consult your travel agent well in advance of your departure and visit the following government website:
Department of Foreign affairs and trade www.dfat.gov.au
Smart Traveler website www.smartraveler.gov.au

Electricity: The electricity in Japan is supplied at 100 volts and the country uses American plug types.


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