Though most people associate United Arab Emirates only with Dubai, nicknamed the "City of Gold," the federation of seven emirates boats a surprisingly rich historical and cultural heritage and provides a good starting point for visitors interested in discovering the Middle East. A trip to United Arab Emirates reveals a modern nation with a dynamic atmosphere and a landscape that quickly changes from futuristic cities to remote deserts, mysteriously silent places where only the shifting sand dunes mark the passage of time. Add the eastern coastline to your United Arab Emirates itinerary to find a string of outstanding beaches and some of the finest diving and snorkeling opportunities in the region.


Things to know before visit UAE


UAE has a typical desert climate with hot summers and cool winters. Summers can get extremely hot with temperatures touching 45°C especially in the months of July and August. There are very little rains

Places to Visit

Dubai is the place where architectural dreams are materialized. It is the place for high-end living and experiencing traditions with a twist of luxury. It is a futuristic place that strive to amaze travelers and extend luxurious hospitality. It is also a shoppers paradise. It offers city-sized malls with international brands. The place is also a gold-lovers heaven with a plethora of shops. Travel to the beaches, experience life at Atlantis, dine in at Burj Al Arab and spend like an Arab.

Abu Dhabi

This emirate is the capital of UAE that has set records for cultural as well as advanced growth. This emirate not only has oil wells but also engages tourists in active golfing sport, heritage exhibitions, food festivals and more. The streets of Abu Dhabi displays its very rich heritage. While here, definitely visit the emirates palace, Ferrari world and the corniche.

Al Ain

To explore the natural beauty of UAE, head to Al Ain that is also known as the Garden City, located 153 kms from Abu Dhabi. Al Ain is famous for its forts, greenery, museums, and more that are a part of UNESCO world heritage sites.

Travel Advisory: For the latest information and advice on safety and entry requirements please consult your travel agent well in advance of your departure and visit the following government website:
Department of Foreign affairs and trade
Smart Traveler website

Electricity:UAE operates on single phase 230 volts at 50Hz with G plug type.


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