Offering a rare combination of history, culture and cuisine, China has long been a premier destination for travellers the world over. As one of the world’s fastest-changing nation. The sheer sweep of geography, history, culture and cuisine makes China perfect for all travellers alike. From the sheer hustle that is Shanghai and Beijing to the awe of the Great Wall and the forbidden City, china with its blend of ancient history and modern marvels is a must see.


Things to know before visit China


Due to its size, China has varied climates. In the north east the summers are dry and hot while the winters are extremely cold. The north and central area has hot summers, continuous rains and hot summers while the southeast region faces a lot of rains with cool winters and semi-tropical summer weather.

Places to Visit

Leading the nation to its advancement and modernization, Beijing is the capital of bustling and racing China. It is the perfect example of history and glory amid quick economical changes. Travellers can never fall short of places to visit in Beijing since its cultural insight and beautiful modern streets has a lot to offer. From local culinary, 6 UNESCO world heritage sites, museums, galleries, fine restaurants and a luxurious hint to everything, Beijing is home to major tourism.

Great wall of China

The man-made engineered wonder of the world, The Great Wall of China, is a popular tourist destination. The wall can be accessed through many Chinese states and is considered to be just one wall. In fact, it consists of several walls constructed by different kingdoms in the past.

Terracotta Warriors

Terracotta warriors of Xi’an is an archaeological wonder that was coincidentally found in 1974. The space consists of 8,000 life-sized terracotta statues/figures in a pattern similar to that of battle and space protection.

Yangtze River Cruise

Yangtze is the longest Asian river that has a bunch of spectacular, imposing views to offer to each traveller. The river’s cruise trip is considered to be the best to explore the beauty hidden aside the long stretch of river that passes through the happening city of Shanghai


Singing the saga of ancient China with the residences transformed into restaurants, Pingyao is a must visit place for travellers who wish to peep in the olden living style of the natives. The ancient style walls of the city cast a spell on the visitors.


To experience the beauty of the highest mountains on earth, Tibet is the place to be. Enjoy the spiritual views and go on imposing and soul-inspiring treks, Tibet will leave one open, empty yet complete. Tibet is also famous for its many shopping markets and monastery sites.

Travel Advisory- For the latest information and advice on safety and entry requirements please consult your travel agent well in advance of your departure and visit the following government website:
Department of Foreign affairs and trade
Smart Traveler website

Electricity: China supplies electricity at the same range as Australia i.e. 220-240 volts.


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