South Korea occupies the southern half of the Korean Peninsula, Seoul is the capital city and is one of the most vibrant Cities in all of South East Asia. Fusion culinary delights with heavy influences of the region at large go together hand in hand with the distinctly Korean flavour through it famous Korean BBQ, it is difficult to ignor the aromas that call out from a distance. Korea has contrasting landscapes ranging from seaside resorts to fertile plains and rocky peaks. North Gyeongsang is the largest province and richest area for historical and cultural attractions with South Gyeongsang being known for its gorgeous seaside cities.


Things to know before visit South Korea


South Korea has a moderate climate with distinct four seasons. Winters are cold and long while summers are short, humid and hot. The hottest months are July and August. Spring and autumn are beautiful but very short. Rains are expected from June to September.

Places to Visit

Seoul is a South Korean stunner that is filled with design and traditions together. The state is a perfect combination of long standing temples, palaces, modern architecture and technical growth. It is also a fashion hub that holds culture in its heart simultaneously. Apart from this, Seoul also has many cool cafes and stylish restaurants to dine at.


JejuSi is usually a starting point for travel in South Korea as it is the entry port of the international airport. It has a variety of historic monuments to explore, shopping arcades, fancy seafood restaurants and bars, which can be easily accessed and afforded.


Pyongyang is a North Korean state which has seen a rebirth post its destruction in the Korean War. This state is glorified with historical monuments like the triumphal arch, the tower of Juche idea, etc. For tourists who are not much of cultural or historic enthusiasts, one can also walk the local streets and interact with the natives or walk through the Moran hills for picnics and serenity.


With a huge statue of Kim II sung on the top of the hill, the city revolves and goes about its days with relaxation. Travelers can enjoy a walk from the town to the top of the hill to witness the beauty of nature and soak in the breath-taking view.

Travel Advisory: For the latest information and advice on safety and entry requirements please consult your travel agent well in advance of your departure and visit the following government website:
Department of Foreign affairs and trade
Smart Traveler website

Electricity: The standard power in South Korea is 220 volt with European and Schoku power plug type.


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