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This Canadian Rockies guided hiking tour allows 10 days of guided hiking, features 10 of the best hiking trails in the Rockies. As a small group, we explore 9 different sub-regions in the Canadian Rockies, each with their own amazing landscapes. Explore the wide valley and moraine ecosystem of Banff, the glaciated ledges and milky waters of Lake Louise, the most iconic mountains in the morning light of the Icefields Parkway, towering cliffs and waterfalls of Yoho, swirling canyons and knife ridges of Jasper and escape the crowds in a secret mountain range that is too secret to even mention on the internet. This guided hiking tour is your chance to experience the best hikes of the Rockies with expert local guides to make sure you get the full experience!

Over the course of 12 days you will immerse yourself in true Canadian mountain wilderness, camping below towering mountains, picnicking on panoramic ridges during guided hikes, standing next to ten thousand year old glaciers, and staring up at the tallest waterfalls in Canada- so close the spray soaks your face!

Detailed Itinerary

Pickup from the Calgary Marriott Downtown Hotel at 2 pm. Transfer to the Rockies where we set up camp, feast and talk about the days ahead.

Start your Rockies hiking tour off with a bang, getting the ultimate bird’s eye view on the largest icefield in the Rockies! Learn about the constant battle between rock and ice that shapes this land.

Typical hike: Wilcox Pass (10 km, 400 m elevation).

Explore our backyard as we stay in a hidden nook of the Rockies, so secret we can’t even name it online. Expect epic views, and a truly off the beaten path guided hike! (That’s all we can tell you for now).

Typical hike: Secret hike (14 km, 700 m elevation) Option to Horseback Ride.

Yoho is a Cree word meaning “Awe”. Discover why as we get up close and personal with a glacier and stand below one of the largest waterfalls in Canada on your Banff hiking tour!

Typical hike: Iceline Trail (12 km, 500 m elevation) or Eiffel Lake Trail (12 km, 600 m).

Will you kick the horse or get kicked by it?! Find out on an adrenaline filled raft down the Kicking Horse River (or opt for another guided hike in Yoho).

Optional rafting on Kicking Horse River or guided hike in Yoho to Paget Lookout.

Retrace the footsteps of the original Swiss mountaineers in the Rockies as we hike to a remote alpine teahouse with turquoise lake and glacier views all around!

Typical hike: Plain of Six Glaciers (14 km, 500 m elevation)

Most people never get to explore Glacier National Park, but you’re not most people, are you?! Immerse yourself in some of Canada’s most pure mountain wilderness during your Banff guided camping trip!

Typical hike: Great Glacier Trail (10 km, 400 m elevation)

Getting bored of mountains yet?… Didn’t think so! Spend the day exploring the rugged wildlands of Kootenay National Park, or go deeper into Yoho! Reward your tired legs with a soak in the healing waters of Banff’s natural hot springs tonight.

Typical Hike: Floe Lake (19 km, 400 m elevation) or Iceline Trail (12 km, 500 m).

Go further than most on your quest to uncover the best hikes around Banff! Today we head out for one of the best hikes in the area and if you succeed you’ll be rewarded with views that will make your legs go numb (or was that the elevation?!)

Picklejar Lakes (11..5 km, 700 m).

Escape the crowds (as if there are any) on an excursion into the untamed wilderness of Kananaskis Country. Meander through rolling alpine meadows, littered with wildflowers and impressive mountain views in all directions!

Typical hike: Buller Pass (14 km, 400 m elevation).

One last guided hike in Banff to make it count! Today we head up to Bourgeau Lake and Harvey Pass for some views that you won’t soon forget.

Typical hike: Bourgeau Lake (13 km, 600 m elevation).

We squeeze in a guided hike through Grotto Canyon on our way to Calgary. Discover ancient pictographs that leave clues to the rich history of the land we’ve been exploring.

Drop off at Calgary Airport or hotels @ 2 pm.


-Optional activities:
-Travel insurance
-Personal alcohol
-Guide gratuities (optional)


Please note: our itineraries are subject to change in order to provide the best and safest experience possible. This is a rough idea of what to expect.

  • Optional activities
  • Rafting- AUD 257

  • Horseback riding- AUD 201

  • Guide gratuities (optional)

    • AUD 16 per person, per guide, per day is typical

Sleeping Bag Rental AUD 80.

Fitness / Skill: Moderate Fitness, Beginner Friendly. Hikes: 6-12 km w/ Moderate Elevation

Food: All meals included. Gourmet food to suit all diets.(GF, Lactose, Vegan).

Accommodation: Comfort camping w/ hot showers and toilets/ outhouses.

Equipment: Walking shoes, bathing suit, sleeping bag (or rent), rain jacket, day pack

Activities: Guided Day Hikes, Hot Springs, Horseback Ride, Rafting, Bike, Gondola.

Packing List: This is an idea of what to pack on your hiking trip in Banff National Park. This is just a guide and may not be comprehensive.

Day pack for personal items during day hikes.
Suitcase or duffel - You won’t need to carry this on your back. Any size is fine. Stored in our trailer.
Comfortable walking shoes
Running shoes or hiking boots.(expect to hike on well developed trails with loose rocks and occasional patches of snow).
Rain jacket
At least 2 warm outfits - Non-cotton is best. Think fleece, polyester, wool etc).
Pants, shorts, shirts, socks
Bathing suit & towel
Sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
Water bottle (1+ Liter)
Flashlight or headlamp
Pillow (Or bunch up a sweater)
Any necessary medications: Puffer, Epi-pen, any other medications that you may need while exerting yourself.

Program Touring / Guide

Escorted Experience

Trip Highlights

Banff - Lake Louise - Icefields Parkway - Yoho - Jasper

Periodic Departure
30 Jun, 2024 to 11 Jul, 2024

3 Star
AUD 4,492 P P twin share
AUD 5,006 P P single

14 Jul, 2024 to 25 Jul, 2024

3 Star
AUD 4,492 P P twin share
AUD 5,006 P P single

28 Jul, 2024 to 08 Aug, 2024

3 Star
AUD 4,492 P P twin share
AUD 5,006 P P single

11 Jul, 2024 to 22 Aug, 2024

3 Star
AUD 4,492 P P twin share
AUD 5,006 P P single

25 Jul, 2024 to 05 Sep, 2024

3 Star
AUD 4,492 P P twin share
AUD 5,006 P P single

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