If one wishes to spend some time at a place that is culturally rich with a glorious history and standing proofs as in architecture; a place that is filled with landscapes that could motivate and inspire the soul with its unsaid beauty; a place that is lively, vibrant and ever-celebrating, then UK and Ireland is the destination for you. From meadows to beautiful pastures, beaches and towering cliffs, UK and Ireland have offerings that would create memorable experiences and unforgettable memories for the travelers.


Things to know before visit UK and Ireland

Best Time to Travel

Because United Kingdom and Ireland are both cold countries, the ideal time to visit the countries is from June to mid-September since the temperature in these months are moderate and pleasant.

Places to Visit

Located in the Southwest London and famous for its 19 beautiful tennis grass courts, Wimbeldon is a must visit for all sports enthusiasts. Apart from being a gorgeous landscape for a day spend or an overnight stay, it also offers an exclusive culinary dishes, strawberries and cream. One can explore a lot more in the district on foot.

Tower of London

Tower of London is a see through into the glorious past of England. The place is surrounded with museums and monuments that not only treasures the ‘Kohi-noor’ but also tells the story of lives lost in the wars and rules in the past. Tower of London is one of the most iconic and famous spots that is most visited by travelers.

The Lake district

Nothing can be more beautiful than a district with sprinkled valleys, lakes, woodlands, and pastures. The Lake district is a quiet yet a lively place to spend time at when in UK. It is a mountainous region with an active nightlife and adventurous offerings like biking and hiking for the tourists.

The Buckingham Palace

The Buckingham Palace is undoubtedly a must visit tourist spot in Westminster, London which is also an architectural amazement. The palace is well kept and surrounded with huge lawns and royal residences that leaves the travelers speechless. Having a chance to witness the change of guards in the palace is also one of a kind experience.

Killarney national Park

Killarney National park is the largest national park of Ireland that rightly boasts of beautiful flora, scenic beauty, and diverse ecology to witness. The park is home to the only red deer herd and many exclusive species in Ireland. Having been a UNESCO biosphere reserve, it is a must visit for all the wildlife, ecology and nature enthusiasts.

The wild Atlantic Route

Explore the life in Ireland as a local and take a ride through the wild Atlantic route that offers beautiful landscapes along the western Seacoast. The route is filled with spots that compels the travelers to stop by and soak in not just the beauty of the ancient castles but also indulge in through sipping and eating in the fancy cafes and lively pubs. The drive through the route is just what takes to be moved.

Estimated living expenditure: The daily living expense of a traveler in Ireland is usually between 80 euros and 150 euros and in UK, it ranges between 55 euros and 120 euros, depending upon the quality of service availed.

Tipping: Tipping is usual in both Ireland and UK, from a standard 1 or 2 euros for luggage carrying to 10 or 15 per cent in restaurants depending up on their set up and class.

Electricity: UK and Ireland supplies electricity at 230 volts each.

Entry: The nationals of Australia do not require a visa to enter and stay in Ireland or in UK but the limit to stay in UK for the Australians without a visa is upto a period of 6 months.


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