With only 55,000 inhabitants, Greenland offers space and a challenge for hikers. For anglers. For kayak. For mountain climbers and mountain bikers. Greenland is an adventure and nature lovers paradise.


Things to know before visit Greenland


Greenland is a cold country with summers lasting only from mid June to mid September. It has an Arctic climate with average temperature of not more than 10 degrees in the warm months. Also, the weather changes suddenly in this region.

Places to Visit
Ilulissat Ice-fjord

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004, it is a berg-strewn part of a coast in the Disko Bay. Here the icebergs break away from the glaciers and float towards the coastal waters. This natural phenomena is a rare sighting. People flock to this palce from near and far to watch this natural spectacle. Sermeq Kujalleq, a huge glacier that is over five kilometers wide and one kilometer thick is in the bay.

Uunartoq Hot Springs

Greenland has a lot of hot springs but the ones found at Uunartoq are just perfect for bathing. Three natural hot springs merge into one small pool. You can enjoy a hot bath surrounded by huge icebergs and magnificent mountain peaks- a rare phenomena.

Aurora Borealis- The Northern Lights

This natural spectacle is rare and breathtaking- where the electrically charged particles of the sun enter the earth’s atmosphere creating a curtain of magnificent light. The best time to see this once-in-a-lifetime phenomena is between November and March as the nights are clearer. Qaqortoq, Ittoqqortoormiit and Kangerlussuaq have the best views.


The capital city of Greenland, Nuuk proves to be a departure point for trips going to Godthaab Fjord, a beautiful part of the country. There are many historical sights worth visiting in Nuuk including Greenland National Museum, which has a great collection of kayaks, carvings, hunting equipment and Vikings finds. It also houses 500-year-old mummies of children and women.


It is located on the island of Ammassalik nestled in the middle of stunning scenery of a fjord with towering mountains serving as a backdrop. There are many hikes leading to the Flower Valley near the town. One can also indulge in winter adventure activities like skiing and dog-sled tours, sea kayaking between icebergs, fishing and whale watching.

Travel Advisory: For the latest information and advice on safety and entry requirements please consult your travel agent well in advance of your departure and visit the following government website:
Department of Foreign affairs and trade www.dfat.gov.au
Smart Traveler website www.smartraveler.gov.au

Electricity: While traveling to Greenland it is advisable to carry an international power plug adapter. The standard voltage is at 220/240V and the frequency is 50Hz.


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