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- This Ethiopian adventure begins and concludes in Addis Ababa
- Flight to Semera for the most unique trip to Danakil Depression to visit the Ert’ale active volcano and to admire the colourful sulfuric acid at Dallol and the sale lake of Lake Afdera.
- Proceed to Omo Valley is one of the most culturally rich tribal regions on the African continent. For generations these tribes have been shielded from the modern world in a place that is still raw, natural, and timeless. However, change is happening quickly in this region, which will soon impact their traditional clothing, body painting and way of life
- Your adventure concludes in Addis Ababa where you enjoy a night of traditional Ethiopian food, live music and dancing.

Detailed Itinerary

Arrival to Addis Ababa. Meeting our company representative at the airport and transfer to the hotel. Hotel accommodation. Recreation. In the afternoon, we will go to get acquainted with the capital of colourful Ethiopia. You will be surprised at how fast the city is developing. We will see the remains of Lucy, an ancient Australopithecus who lived 3 million years ago. We will try the famous Ethiopian coffee in an authentic coffee shop, and go up to the observation deck, from where a wonderful view of the mountains and the city opens.

Accommodation: Swiss inn Nexus hotel/ Similar 4*

After breakfast we will go to the airport, from where we will fly to the city of Semera. There we sit down in 4x4 jeeps, 3 people in the car, each at the window and along the asphalt road we will go to the foot of the volcano. We will drive through the Afar region, occasionally we will come across nomads with camels, small villages. We make a stop for lunch on a Salt Lake. The concentration of salt there is no less than in the Dead Sea. While our chef prepares lunch, we take a dip in the lake, and then wash off the salt in a hot spring. After lunch we will continue our way to the volcano. The asphalt is replaced by a dirt road. And on the horizon, we already see the breath of a volcano. By sunset we arrive at the camp and begin the ascent. Light trekking 40 minutes and we will reach the crater. And you will understand that all the tests were worth it. You are on the edge of a volcano, above you the starry sky, and under you the lava river splashes and seethes. There are only a few such places in the world! At the camp, the chef has already worked on a delicious dinner

We will spend the night under the starry sky. Camping

Accommodation: camping in Ert’ale
Meals: Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

At dawn, those who wish, together with a guide, will be able to climb the volcano again and see it in daylight. The picture is impressive.
After enjoying the view, we go downstairs for breakfast.
After breakfast, we drive through lava fields to the small village of Hamad Ale in the hottest place on earth.

After lunch at the campsite, we will drive to the village, where hospitable Afar women will treat us to traditional coffee. Cheered up, we will go to Lake Assal.
The picture that you see is impressive imagination. For tens of kilometres, the glass surface of one of the saltiest lakes in the world. We will see local "millionaires" in the extraction of salt. Further, our path lies in an unusual place - a city of salt. Yes! These are huge salt rocks in the middle of the lake. The only thing missing is the spaceship. Although, this place is often used in the filming of episodes of science fiction films.

We saw salt, the city of salt, and what is under the layer of salt? Right! Lake. After 7 meters of salt, an underground lake begins, and we will go to the part where the lake is very close to the surface. We will swim in the hot spring, which is located 116 meters below sea level.

The day will culminate in one of the most unusual sunsets of your life.

We return to the camp for dinner. We are resting and discussing the impressions of the passed day.

Accommodation: camping in Hamad Ale village
Meals: Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Early breakfast and we go to one of the most unusual places on the planet - Dallol volcano, which is famous for its alien landscapes.
After visiting the Colourful sulfuric acid, we head back to Semera. On the way we stop for lunch

Accommodation: Kurifetu Hotel Semera
Meals: Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

In the morning we fly to Addis Ababa. From the airport we leave for the south of Ethiopia. The landscapes in this part of the country are different from the North. Many cozy villages, flower, banana plantations. We will stop at a strawberry farm and buy some baskets. We pass the town of "Bob Marley" Shashemene, and you will find out how the inhabitants of Jamaica ended up in Ethiopia, and why a monument to Bob Marley was erected in Addis Ababa.
After lunch we continue our way to the city of Awassa on the shores of Lake Langano. Dinner and rest.

Accommodation: Haile Resort Awassa

Meals: Breakfast, lunch

After breakfast we will visit the fish market near lake Awassa and then we head further south to the town of Arba Minch. Here we will get acquainted with the representatives of the first tribe Dorze (Dorze) Dorze lives in South Ethiopia, and occupies a rather respected position among other tribes. Representatives of the tribe live quite high in the mountains, enjoying breath-taking views of the valley, belong to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church (which is very rare, most of the tribes who converted to Christianity in South Ethiopia are Protestants), Dorze also weave cotton of incredible quality and beauty, bake delicious cakes ( Kocho), collect honey and drink excellent local vodka.

The tribe is famous for its unique houses that look like elephant heads, bee hives, or maybe inverted baskets. In any case, the lifespan of such a house is 100 years. Let's take a closer look at their way of life. Find out what can be made from the leaves of the "false banana", and why they deliberately make their houses so tall.

Accommodation: Haile Resort Arbaminch

Meals: Breakfast and dinner

After breakfast we go to Jinka - the only settlement in the region that can be called a city, where we will get acquainted with the fashionable tribe Bena. The men of this tribe make headdresses from clay and decorate with feathers. This tribe still has wild traditions that we learn about.
And some members of the tribe do not like to walk on the ground, they use stilts.
Accommodation: Eco omo Resort
Meals: Breakfast and dinner

Today we will go to the Mursi tribe, the most famous tribe of the Omo River Valley. On the way, we will drive through the Mago National Park, where, in addition to the mountainous green Ethiopian landscapes, we will try to see African animals. Mursi is the most recognizable and photographed tribe in the south of Ethiopia. The women of the tribe wear huge plates in their lower lip, and they live in small thatched huts.

After lunch we will visit the Hamer tribe. The women of the tribe wear heavy rings around their necks, confirming their status as a wife, and their hair is braided in clay dreadlocks. The tribesmen adorn their bodies with scars and wear many ornaments made of multi-coloured beads. If you're lucky, we'll get to the Bull Jumping ceremony. This is a traditional hamer rite that every boy goes through. He becomes a man only after running naked on the backs of the bulls lined up in a row.
We will visit the local market, where you can see representatives of several tribes.
And then we will go to the lodge.

Accommodation: Buska or Similar lodge
Meals: Breakfast and dinner

Today we get to the gallery, the gallery of body painting. Patterns, ornaments and even scars on the body of the Karo tribe can be viewed endlessly. And Kalashnikov assault rifles, with which they protect their property from other tribes, give the tribe a "wild, but not primitive look". They are the most artistic tribe in the Omo valley. Afternoon if the day is Monday or Tuesday, you will enjoy the market

Accommodation: Buska or Similar lodge
Meals: Breakfast and dinner

In the morning we go to the village of Omorate on the banks of the Omo River. There we sit in a wooden boat and cross over to the other side of the Omo. We will meet with the Dassenech tribe. They are the poor and savage tribe of the valley. So, before the circumcision of the women of the tribe, men are called "wild animals."

After the tribe, we will go to the Kei Afer market. This is the place where representatives of the tribes of the Omo River Valley come. For them, going to the market is a real holiday. You come here like to a carnival. Their clothes and jewellery are so bright and distinctive.

In the evening we arrive at the lodge in the village of Konso

Accommodation: Kanta/ Korebta Konso Lodge

After breakfast we visit the Konso tribe.
Of all the tribes of Ethiopia, I want to live in this, they have so cozy and well-groomed villages. Terraced plantations, tradition and culture Konso is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is not surprising, since the Konso are considered one of the first African tribes to master agriculture. And Konso make amazing sculptures and masks from wood. Depart to Arbaminch to catch your flight.

At 13.00 flight to Addis Ababa, we go for souvenirs and for the final dinner in a traditional restaurant, transfer to the airport and it will be end of the trip.

Meals: Breakfast and dinner

  • - Eight nights room accommodation on a twin bed bases
    - Two nights camping at the volcano and Danakil with all camping gears
    - All entrance fee as per the itinerary
    - English speaking guide all along the trip
    - Local English-speaking guide which is a must
    - Meal as specified in the itinerary
    - During camping meal on full board based at the Danakil with hot and soft drinks
    - Professional cook during camping and all cook materials
    - Minibus/ Coaster bus depending on the group size in the North, 4WD land cruiser for the Danakil, Volcano and Omo valley part
    - Free farewell dinner in the best Ethiopian traditional restaurant at the end of the trip day.
    - Support can for the cook, police, camping gears in the Danakil
    - Afar elders and all fees in the Danakil
    - All road taxes
  • Lunch
  • Lunch outside of Addis during hotel accommodation
  • Any alcoholic drinks
  • Domestic flight cost given separate price.
  • Any gratitude to guides, driver, porters
  • Any personal expenses like telephone call, laundry. Etc
  • What is not included in above.
  • Domestic flight cost: The sector Addis- Semera- Addis- // Arbaminch- Addis is AUD 577/person for those who use Ethiopian airlines internationally. Otherwise, it will be AUD 884/person. price might increase unless ticketed.

Hotels Used
Addis Ababa - Swiss Inn Nexus hotel 4*/Similar.
Ert’ale - Camping in Ert’ale
Hamed Ella - Camping in Hamad Ale village
Semera - Kurifetu Hotel Semera
Awassa - Haile Resort Awassa
Arbaminch - Haile Resort Arbaminch
Jinka - Eco omo Resort
Turmi - Buska or Similar lodge
Konso - Kanta/ Korebta Konso Lodge

  • Domestic flight cost: The sector Addis- Semera- Addis- // Arbaminch- Addis is AUD 577/person for those who use Ethiopian airlines internationally. Otherwise, it will be AUD 884/person. price might increase unless ticketed.

  • Child supplement on request
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  • Itinerary and journey times are close approximations and are subject to change without prior notice.
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Program Touring / Guide

Private touring

Trip Highlights

Addis Ababa - Semera - Ert’ale - Hamed Ella - Dallol - Semera - Awassa - Arbaminch - Jinka- Mursi village - Turmi - Konso- Arbaminch- Addis

Departure Period
01 Jan, 2023 to 31 Dec, 2023

6 plus
AUD 6,207 P P twin share
AUD 6,922 P P single

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