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Detailed Itinerary

Arrival at Ezeiza International Airport (EZE) - Meet with your guide and private transfer to hotel. Welcome amenities included on board. Includes: leather clutch, premium snacks, mineral water, Buenos Aires city guide, postcards with stamps & printed program According to flight schedule, transfer can be arranged directly to hotel, or straight to the activity for the day.

Suggested Optional (Not included - In addition): VIP International Arrivals Service | EZE Airport Guests are met as soon as they leave the aircraft in the boarding bridge and they are escorted to the VIP lounge where they can have something to drink or just relax for a few minutes. Once the luggage porters have their baggage ready, guests are escorted
through immigration and customs without doing the line to their guide or driver.

Service includes:
•VIP waiting lounge services (reading material, Wi-Fi, refreshments and bar services) - 1.30 hs to spend.
•Fast and personal migration process (no lines, no wait).
•Luggage assistance (passengers don't need to pick up their own luggage; they have it brought to them while they lay back in the lounge).
Service provided for International arrivals only, as described above. Check for VIP Departures service and Arrival + Departure rates.
The name, Buenos Aires, literally means "good airs" in Spanish. It is one of the largest cities in Latin America, with a wide range of cultural offers and stunning sights. Being the capital of the country makes it the starting point for most of the Argentinean Experiences. Let yourself be seduced by its busy and beautiful streets full of Tango aromas and football passion, a unique mixture that turns your stay into an exceptional urban adventure.

Buenos Aires North Area Sightseeing Experience with Lunch in Palermo Steak House Private Experience | Duration: 6 hs | Vehicle and English speaking guide at disposal | Mineral water on board | 3-course menu, half a bottle of wine and one soft drink person | The itineraries are liable to updates in order to provide better service according to the day, and inclusions agreed for your tour. Buenos Aires is one of the most fascinating cities in both Latin America and the world. Be it for its splendid and varied architecture, with its old Colonial buildings, French palaces and state-of-the-art skyscrapers; for its vibrant nightlife and endless cultural options; or maybe just for the rich identity of the Porteños, who proudly bear the European heritage of their ancestors,
more and more visitors are coming to visit.

In Retiro and Recoleta, we will learn about the dream of our local aristocrats in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when they sought to build a small-scale Paris in the heart of Buenos Aires. After visiting the impressive Plaza San Martín, where Jorge Luis Borges used to take his walks, we’ll stroll down Avenida Alvear, chosen by the world’s most distinguished brands to install their exclusive boutiques, looking up to see the many wonderful French-style palaces which nowadays house a number of embassies. Then we’ll visit the Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar, one of the city’s oldest churches, which dates to the Colonial era. Finally, we’ll admire the celebrated Recoleta Cemetery, a true labyrinth of ornate mausoleums. We’ll make a stop at Eva Peron’s grave, one of the country’s most recognizable icons.

We’ll come across sumptuous French palaces again in Palermo Chico, the area of Palermo best known for its large parks designed by celebrated landscape architects, such as the illustrious Frenchman Charles Thays.

Suggested Optional (Not included - In addition): Stop at La Biela Remarkable Cafe
Regular Service (shared venue) | Includes 1 coffee or classic hot chocolate with croissants or classic toasted sandwich, at this unique spot in the city. Porteño "Feel & "Nostalgia"...In the range of classic places in the city of Buenos Aires, one of the most alive and qualified referents is La Biela. This historic bar in the elegant neighborhood of La Recoleta keeps its prestige and prosapia intact as a meeting place, being one of the redoubts that give the city its unmistakable elegant and cosmopolitan air.

A special mention deserves the photographs located on the wide bar. All of them were taken by great Argentinian literature: Adolfo Bioy Casares, who took the photos in order to illustrate with them a book by Jorge Luis Borges. Both were regular clients of La Biela, and these photos attest to the passage of time in the neighborhood of La Recoleta, also showing a facet perhaps little known by this great writer: the photographer.
Observations: This remarkable café opens every day from 07:00 AM to 02:00 AM (except on Sundays, open from 08:00 AM).

Liable to updates.
Suggested Optional (Not included - In addition): Wine Stop in Recoleta - ProVinCia Wine Bar.
Regular Service (Shared) | Enjoy a glass of Malbec wine with tapas at ProVinCia Wine Bar (Olives, Cheese, and Bread) | 1 hour of vehicle and guide should be added for this supplement, depending on the rest of the activities during the tour | Closed on Sundays. Arroyo St. is one of the most Parisian streets in Buenos Aires, and ProVinCia Wine Bar, with its marble tables by the sidewalk, reinforces that mark.
Wine on the go!: The space is small, just a few shelves and a tiny wooden bar, all with impeccable aesthetics. The bar is ideal for those that want to discover Argentine wine. The labels are not many, but they are stocked: from small wine-making ventures to large wineries such as Catena Zapata, Mendel Wines, Bodega Kaiken, Corazón del Sol, Finca Suárez, among others.

Visitors can enjoy wine by bottle or by glass, as rotates constantly. As the absolute stardom is wine, the food only accompanies and it is reduced to a few options: variety of cheeses, olives, sourdough bread and cold Omelet.
Observations: Closed on Sundays. Working hours depend on the season, but likely from 11:00 AM to 07:00 PM.

After tour, transfer back to the hotel.
Tango, Passion and Nostalgia - Dance Performance & Vintage Car ride to Tango Show
Private Service (Personalized) | Surprise Tango Show Supplement - Dance Performance at the hotel lobby with Bandoneon live music | Includes Vintage Car ride (One Way) from Hotel to selected Tango Venue with Spanish speaking driver | English speaking guide assistance to coordinate performance & transportation included | Maximum capacity of 2 or 3 guests per car | Air conditioning is not available in these vehicles | Transfer back to hotel included in a standard vehicle, We propose a unique experience in which our guests not only enjoy the best tango shows, with live orchestra and professional dancers, but also feel its nostalgia and passion from the inside. A vintage car (Hupmobile 1930) will show up to give them a ride to the selected Tango venue, and a couple of Tango Dancers along with a live bandoneon sound will show at the hotel lobby to make our guests immerse themselves in the Tango mood for the evening... This surprise provides a brief but effective Tango moment, which includes freshness and spontaneity to this very local music and dance!

Observations: Vintage Car:
- Different (random) models and colors are available,
- Maximum capacity of 2 or 3 guests per car.
- Please note these cars do not travel fast, it will be a panoramic and calm ride, as a part of its charm.
- The vehicles do not count with air conditioning.
The way back to the hotel will be done in your private (standard, not vintage) transfer.
Dinner and Tango show at Rojo Tango
3 course dinner & live Tango Show with drinks included.
Rojo Passion - A cabaret designed by Philippe Starck, created to bring back nostalgic times that already passed, with the
strength of a new show full of fantasy and sensuality. Rojo Tango is love, passion, madness and glamour in a history that ends transforming itself into a legend. Located inside the exclusive Faena Hotel, Rojo Tango is a fascinating proposal that seduces all the senses combining sounds, fragrances, colors, movements and flavors.

Meal: Lunch & Dinner

Buenos Aires South Area Sightseeing Experience with Lunch at Traditional Bodegon Private Experience | Vehicle and English speaking guide at disposal | Duration: 6 hours | Mineral water on board| 3-course lunch with 1 soft drink and half bottle of wine per person included | The itineraries are liable to updates in order to provide a better service according to the day, and inclusions agreed for your tour.
Visit Plaza de Mayo, the city’s foundational site and witness of our country’s political history. There we’ll visit the Pink House, our Presidential Palace, the Cabildo, our primitive town hall, and the Neoclassical-styled Metropolitan Cathedral, the final home of Argentina’s founding father, José de San Martín.
We`ll pass through Puerto Madero, the latest addition to the city’s barrios. In 1991, its huge warehouses and silos were remodelled and redesigned, to finally integrate the river to the city and to create a new corporative, residential, hotel and gastronomically district, which has become the playground for the pretty Porteños and the international jet-set.
We’ll then head for San Telmo, one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires. It used to be the residential district favoured by the upper class until late 19th century when a yellow fever epidemic caused the wealthier families to leave northwards. The area was marginalized until the 1970s when many artists and artisans came to San Telmo to install their workshops. Nowadays, thanks to its amazing architecture and hip atmosphere, this ancient neighbourhood is really blooming. We’ll walk its cobbled streets, where the city’s Colonial past seems to come back to life, making a stop at Plaza Dorrego, best known for its traditional antiques fair, held every Sunday.
Enjoy Lunch at a traditional restaurant, typical "bodegón" (Venue: To be informed).
In Argentina, in addition to having national dishes and desserts, we have a "traditional Argentine cuisine", which is also a mixture of Italian, Spanish and German dishes, all together in the same menu. This characteristic is due to the strong emigration that our country had in ancient times. This feeling of "belonging to the city", it´s transmitted through the abundance and accessibility of its food, and also by its environment. Each bodegon in Buenos Aires that lasts is a space of living history that is why sitting at their tables is one of the best ways to get to know the city.
Leaving San Telmo behind, we’ll continue southwards to La Boca, one of the city’s most authentic and charming neighbourhoods. It is a working class district, heavily shaped by Italian immigrants who came to our country in large numbers during the last quarter of the 19th century. Here, we’ll make a special visit to the mythical Caminito Street, which sums up everything that gives La Boca its distinctive spirit: the strong passion for soccer, the heavy presence of art and colour, and the Tango-esque atmosphere.
Observations: Daily departures. Lunch can be organized in a different restaurant and in other areas of the city. 4 hours are usually dedicated to cover full itinerary and 2 hours for lunch time. Please note the itinerary can be customized as per guest´s interests. If you add supplements (optional) to the original tour, note that extra time may apply, please check for extra vehicle and guide time cost.
Tango Lesson in a Typical Conventillo in La Boca Private Experience (Personalized) | Vehicle and English speaking assistance at disposal | Duration: Half Day (4 hours) | Mineral water on board included | Brief visit La Boca & Caminito, and enjoy a Tango Lesson in typical "conventillo"(tenant house).
We will begin the tour with a brief visit to La Boca, one of the city’s most authentic and charming neighbourhoods. It is a working-class district, heavily shaped by Italian immigrants who came to our country in large numbers during the last quarter of the 19th century. Here, we’ll make a special visit to the mythical Caminito Street, which sums up everything that gives La Boca its distinctive spirit: the strong passion for soccer, the heavy presence of art and colour, and the Tango-esque atmosphere.
With our minds already set in Tango, we continue to visit an original "conventillo" (tenant house) where we will discover the culture and passion for Tango with all the magic and charm of dance, with a private lesson. Tango is a very passionate dance with a rich history, it is danced in a very close and intimate posture with very sleek and sexy lines. Learn to Walk, Rock, Stroll, and Chase and soon you will be tangoing the night away. This style of dance is by far one of the most dramatic dances done today and it becomes a favourite of all who learn it!"
Observations: This tour can be combined with different activities in the city, please check it with our sales team.
Alternative visits, if not interested in Tango Lesson: > Suggested Optional (Not included - In addition): Barolo Palace Guided Visit - 360° Viewpoint and antique lighthouse Regular Service (Shared) | Includes Spanish speaking local guide (and English if available) | Duration: 90 minutes | 1 hour of vehicle and guide should be added for this supplement, depending on the rest of the activities during the tour | Check for private guided visits for individuals and groups and for Special Night visit and Tango entertainment.
The Barolo Palace, located in the Monserrat neighbourhood, was built by the Italian architect Mario Palanti for the businessman Luigi Barolo. Opened in 1923, it was then the tallest building in South America until the Kavanagh was built in 1935. Barolo Palace references and homage to the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, as the general division of the project, is divided into three parts, which correspond to hell, purgatory, and heaven. A unique architectural style with a mixture of neo-romantic, neo Gothic, and even the dome with its unique Indian style Budanishar region representing the Tantric union between Dante and Beatrice, the main characters of the world-known piece of literature.
The tour invites visitors through the Palace, stopping at the most representative of the Dantesque floors, while its history is told and the meaning of all the symbols related, not only to the Divine Comedy but also to the Freemasonry, are disclosed. It is possible to visit the old lighthouse and appreciate a 360 ° viewpoint of the city; then will visit a typical workplace (office) from the 1920s. Barolo Palace is a work of art and a site full of symbolism and interpretations, indeed.
Observations: Not available on Tuesdays and Sundays. Please note that during the tour, visitors will have to climb up to six stories through tight spaces which can generate difficulties in the event of reduced mobility. Capacity per tour: Up to 15 people max. During the morning tours (weekdays) and up to 25 people max, during afternoon tours, holidays, and Saturdays. Always check for the venue's latest schedule with our sales team.
> Suggested Optional (Not included - In addition): El Zanjon de Granados + Casa Minima “The Narrowest House” Regular Service (Shared) | Includes Museums guided visits in English or Spanish | Duration: 110 minutes (60´ Zanjón + 50´ Casa Mínima) | 1 hour of vehicle and guide should be added for this supplement, depending on the rest of the activities during the tour | Check for private guided tours for individuals and groups.
Tunnels & Mystery... A voyage into the origins of Buenos Aires. A magical space where poetry, history, and myth coexist. Welcome to one of the most important urban archaeology projects in the city.
El Zanjon: Some historians point to the Zanjón de Granados ravine as the site of the first settlement of Buenos Aires in 1536. The remains of the city were never found, but we have been left with the testimony of Ulrico Schmidl, the first historian of the River Plate. A section of the old Zanjon was found under a historical XIX century building which extended over the whole square. Other sections of the Zanjón were unearthed including the ruin of foundations, old walls, floors, water wells, sewage pits, which were built and destroyed between 1730 and 1865.
According to the Buenos Aires Heritage Guide edited by the city council, El Zanjón offers a fascinating and unusual glimpse into five centuries of urban archaeology. Visitors to this destination in the historic San Telmo district travel back in time as they descend from a beautifully restored 1830s house into other architectural elements such a spectacular labyrinth of wide vaulted brick tunnels that had been buried for over one hundred years. The residence was originally a mansion; it had decayed into a tenement by the early 20th century. Now that renovations are complete, elegant new steel and glass elevators transport visitors to and from the illuminated depths of El Zanjón. We unearthed the archaeological past and also its memory and framed it with such detail that it constitutes by itself a work of art...
Casa Mínima: The recently restored narrowest house of the city could only be admired from the outside for decades, today it will whisper stories that can be listened to within the romantic walls of its centuries-old patio. Casa Minima, the narrowest house in BA (7.5 ft. / 2.3 m wide), which was a part of a larger house, has retained its original materials from the early XIX century. The small house, with its display of clay walls and two-hundred-year-old plaster, beckons us to visit this corner. Here the ghosts of early traditions of Buenos Aires intermingle with the myth of the emancipated slave.
Observations: Wednesday - 12:00 PM & 01:00 PM local museum guidance in English language / Friday - 11:00 PM & 12:00 PM in Spanish language. Sunday: Check for special schedule in each language.
> Suggested Optional (Not included - In addition): Visit to La Bombonera Stadium and Boca Juniors Museum Regular Service (Shared) | Guided Visit to The Boca Stadium "La Bombonera" and it's preferred and popular stalls, changing rooms, the Playing field & The Museum | Duration: 90 minutes | Includes a Photo as a Gift | 1 hour of vehicle and guide should be added for this supplement, depending on the rest of the activities during the tour | Private guided visits available upon request.
We will travel to the picturesque neighbourhood of La Boca to visit the emblematic stadium of La Bombonera, home of the renowned Boca Juniors Football Club.
Inside we can visit the preferential seats, the popular sector, and the local changing rooms. We can get our own photos in the field and finish in a stand where we will have the opportunity to see the private box of Diego Maradona. Then we head to the Boquense Passion Museum where we will learn the history of the club, its players, and the evolution of the shirt. In addition, we can see a movie that recreates first-hand what it feels like to play in the club and go to the field with the team. Through the rich history of more than 114 years of the club, the Boquense Museum offers each visitor the unique opportunity to relive past events through various multimedia exhibits, data banks, memorabilia, and exposure to its most prestigious trophies. The Visit ends in a Bar, which has an unbeatable panoramic view of La Bombonera.
> Suggested Optional (Not included - In addition): Visit to the emblematic Colon Opera House BA Sightseeing Supplement | Ticket for Regular Guided Visit (Shared) | English & Spanish speaking guide | Duration: 50 minutes | Check for group conditions, and additional access to workshops (longer duration).
Explore one of the most important opera houses in the world! How many architects participated in the construction of Colon Theatre? How long did they take? What are the main local and international figures that adorned the theatre in its vast history? How are the corridors that these artists have travelled? The Colon Theatre keeps secrets in every corner and to live the experience of a Guided Tour is to know a portion of its history of more than one hundred years at the service of the Argentine and world culture. Touring the Hall, the Main Foyer, the Gallery of Busts and the Golden Hall, visitors can absorb amazing details about the architecture, the stairs, their sculptures, ceilings or vitreous during the 50 minute visit. Its rich and prestigious history and its exceptional acoustics and architectural features rank it among theatres such as Teatro alla Scala in Milan, the Paris Opera House, the Vienna State Opera, the Royal Opera House in London, and the Metropolitan Opera House in New York. In the beginning, the theatre recruited opera companies from other countries, but as of 1925 it has had its own permanent companies (orchestra, ballet and choir) and its own production workshops, which have allowed the theatre to organize its own seasons since the 1930s, founded by the city budget. Since then, the Colón renewed its repertoire annually, and has been able to set up whole productions on its own because of the professionalism of its specialized stagecraft staff.
Observations: - Private Visits, with a minimum of 20 paid guests. Check for bulk quotes according to the number of visitors. - English guided visits at 11:00 AM, 01:00 PM, 03:00 PM - Spanish guided visits from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM every 15 minutes - Open every day except May 1st, December 24th, 25th & 31th, and January 1st.
Overnight at Jardin Escondido by Coppola

Meal: Breakfast and Lunch

Fogon Closed-Door Asado Dinner Experience (VIP Gorriti Venue) Private Experience (Personalized) | Duration: Half Day (4 hours) | Includes Welcome cocktail, Asado tasting menu with soft drinks, and coffee | Wine pairing included | Private Transfers from / to hotel with guide included | V.I.P Service in Gorriti Venue | Capacity: Up to 10 people.
From the creators of The Argentine Experience and the chefs of Uco Restaurant in Buenos Aires and Butterfly in Bariloche, Fogón is a new way of living the traditional argentine asado.
Discover the Asado tradition, served with a twist. At Fogón, they created a closed-door dining experience that explores new ways of serving Argentine Asado classics. While seated at the bar you’ll see, feel and experience different grill cooking techniques, up close and personal. The aim to create a memorable evening for each guest, beyond your regular steakhouse expectations.
The Asado Tasting Menu - Dinner: Every Argentine’s Asado is unique but always includes the best cuts of meat available and fire roasted seasonal vegetables. The chefs have designed the tasting menu to combine new grill techniques with tried-and-true Argentine recipes that elevate the Asado to new heights. The optional wine pairing menu has also been designed to best enhance the flavours of the ingredients, while presenting you with some of the best boutique wines from Argentina.
COCKTAIL “The Bright Side” with Argentine Craft Gin and Torrontés Wine FIRST COURSE Starting fresh with a great seasonal Vegetable topped with smoked Ricotta and finished with Pesto SECOND COURSE Ironed Provoleta Cheese with grilled Fruit in a Torrontés reduction THIRD COURSE Known in Argentina as “El Matrimonio” Morcilla | Quince and Apple Chutney Chorizo | Flame roasted Bell Pepper Griddle baked bread FOURTH COURSE Quadriller Pork Flank (Matambrito) Yellow Chilli sauce Lime and Cilantro salad. FIFTH COURSE Pine Cone smoked Eyebrow Creamy Cauliflower Puree and Corn MAIN COURSE Ribeye heart Mashed Bonitos and grilled Vegetables using different cooking techniques with “Vinaigrette” DESSERT Pancake with Dulce de Leche and Coffee, but not as you know it.
Guests will also: > Select their own Gaucho knife > Make the chimichurri sauce > Enjoy the open kitchen and grill > Receive Chef‘s explanation of ingredients and cooking techniques > Take home exclusive recipes.
- Wine and beer a la carte is available in the restaurant. - Age restriction: from 13 years old. - Please ask for a special menu and rates on December 24th, 25th, 31th, and January 1st.
> Alternative culinary activity (Not included - In addition): Lunch Experience at Palermo: Premium Food Tour Private Experience (Personalized service - Shared venues) | Vehicle & English-speaking guide with local culinary knowledge at disposal | Duration: Half Day (4 hours) | Includes: 4 stops with tapas, main course, dessert and coffee (with soft drinks, beer or vermouth, and wine) in bars and restaurants from the area | Customized Booklet.
Eat like a local experience! In this tour, we will make 4 informal gastronomic stops to some spots that can´t be missed!
> Enjoy a “Picada” with a beer or "vermouth" in one of Palermo´s traditional bars - El Preferido. > A great BBQ wine paired tasting menu: (mix of meat cuts) will be waiting for us at La Malbequeria. We will enjoy wines from all Argentina main wine districts while we taste our well-known beef. > Afterwards, enjoy an Ice Cream along with mixed cocktails at Alchemy Enchanted Flavours > we will finish our experience with a Specialty Coffee at Fauna or similar.
Observations: This tour can be customized upon request and combined with different activities in Palermo. Selected venues may be updated according to schedule and logistics for the day.
Free night at leisure.
> Suggested Dinner plans (Not included - In addition): Dinner at Marti Restaurant 3-course menu | Half a bottle of wine with 1 soft drink person | Transfers and tips are not included | Wine pairing option upon request.
With a certain speakeasy spirit, Marti's front door opens onto a long, winding, lighted corridor to the main dining room, the new gastronomic project of renowned chef Germán Martitegui, whose previous restaurants have achieved international rankings. In the space previously occupied by a courtyard, there is a winter garden with glass walls and a ceiling that houses a bright and spectacular lounge, where light colours predominate. In the centre, the big star is a large rectangular bar, in which beats the heart of the kitchen that works in full rhythm. Conceptually, Marti is a restaurant that proposes a direct exchange between diners and chefs, where you can see the work of all professionals from any seat at the bar. The wine list is a great synthesis of the best of modern Argentine wine, which is authored by sommelier Martín Bruno.
Location: Palermo Cuisine: Contemporary Argentinean Overnight at Jardin Escondido by Coppola.

Meal: Breakfast and Lunch

Buenos Aires Bike Tour with Gourmet Picnic lunch in Palermo Parks, visiting the Graffiti & Street Art main areas Private Service (Personalized) | Specialized English speaking guide at disposal | Duration: Half Day - 5 hours (4 hours Bike + 1- hour Picnic) | Gourmet Picnic Lunch includes: 1 basket every 2 guests with 1 Sandwich, 1 Salad, and 1 Dessert per guest, and Refreshments - Full set up with cutlery and picnic blanket | Private Transfer from Picnic area to hotel, with guide assistance included | Mineral Water on board included.
Graffiti and Street Art Tours in Buenos Aires, reveal the extraordinary history of the city’s vibrant urban art culture. From its fiery political origins to the modern context in which Buenos Aires has become one of the world’s most exciting cities for street art, you’ll get an in-depth view into what makes this fascinating city explode with culture and creativity.
You will pedal your way through the streets of one of Buenos Aires city’s most famous and popular neighbourhoods and discover what Palermo is about. In this lively part of the city, the street art talks constantly about the historical moment it was born in. Explore and enjoy the ride along little cobblestone streets. We will be cycling past tons of street art to stop, feel and understand its origins.
Finally, we will head into the Palermo Parks, where we will make a stop for a gourmet picnic lunch.
Observations: - Difficulty Level: Medium - Distance: 18 Kilometres - Bike to choose: Bamboo, Mountain, or Cruiser. - Insurance & Helmet Special diet requirements (vegetarian, vegan, etc.) can be accommodated upon request, for the gourmet lunch. This tour can be customized upon request, adding other attractions, and other neighbourhoods to the biking itinerary.
> Check for special quotes on weekend rides! >> Back up vehicles and ALCHEMY DMC Argentina guide-host available during the entire Biking activity, can be quoted upon request.
Alternative suggested Theme Tours, if not interested in Biking: > Suggested activity (Not included - In addition): Evita Private Tour Private Service (Personalized) | Vehicle with English Speaking Guide at disposal | Duration: Half Day (4 hours) | Mineral water on board included | Includes photo stops along the way, visit the Evita Museum (Tickets included) with a guided shared visit provided by the venue (Check if this service is available prior booking), and a coffee in the Museum Bar.
Eva Perón is one of our country’s most famous personalities, respected and admired all over the world because of her relentless efforts for the cause of the humble and underprivileged. In Argentina, nevertheless, her figure is rather controversial: loved by the working class, whom she generously aided during her brief but intense political career, and hated by the wealthier classes, with whom she had an ardent dispute, nonetheless, she never arouses indifference.
We’ll depart from Retiro Railway Station, where a very young Eva Perón saw Buenos Aires for the first time. Then, we’ll visit Plaza de Mayo, where we’ll admire the famous balcony of the Pink House from where, already married to General Perón, she delivered her most famous speeches, addressed to the Argentine workers who idolized her.
Next, we’ll visit the former building of the Eva Perón Foundation, an institution created by Evita to promote social assistance all over the country. Then we visit the CGT (which links together all the unions in the country), where we’ll learn about the peculiar alliances that were formed to bring Perón to the presidency. Next we see the Congress, and once in Recoleta, we visit the Basilica de Nuestra Señora del Pillar, where Eva and Perón were married. Then we’ll walk across the Recoleta Cemetery, an enormous labyrinth of splendid funeral monuments, and a traditional stronghold of the Argentine aristocracy, where we’ll witness Evita’s posthumous victory over the people who had unceasingly fought her when she was alive.
Ending our tour, we’ll travel to Palermo, where we’ll visit the Evita Museum, inaugurated for the 50th anniversary of her death. We’ll enjoy a coffee in the museum restaurant.
Observations: Not available on Mondays, when the museum remains closed, please note the itinerary can be customized as per guest´s interests, and combined with different activities, some places to be visited include: Retiro Railway Station, Plaza de Mayo, University of Buenos Aires School of Engineering, Basilica del Pillar, Recoleta Cemetery, and Eva Perón Museum.
> Suggested activity (Not included - In addition): Masterpieces of Buenos Aires Architecture Private Experience (Personalized) | Vehicle and English speaking guide at disposal | Duration: Half Day (4 hours) | Mineral water on board included | Some places to be visited include: "Casa de la Cultura" (former "Diario La Prensa" building), Colon Theatre, National Congress, "Palacio de Agues Corrientes", Recoleta Cemetery, Café Tortoni, University of Buenos Aires Law School, Metropolitan Cathedral, and Nuestra Señora del Pillar Church | This tour provides an overview of different buildings and does not include entrance tickets to any museums or attractions.
Architectonically speaking, Buenos Aires is one of the most fascinating cities in Latin America; its eclecticism is a sign of the cultural synthesis that historically shaped Argentina’s national spirit. This exciting and educational journey will allow us to get a glimpse of the city’s rich history through its buildings.
Our starting point is naturally Plaza de Mayo, where we observe the most conspicuous of Buenos Aires’ Colonial buildings: the Cabildo, primitive town hall. We also admire the neoclassical Metropolitan Cathedral, and our Presidential Palace, known as the Pink House, with its peculiar asymmetrical façade. Finally, we trace the tracks of Monumentalism, a school so dear to Fascism, visible in the Ministry of Economics building.
Next, we walk across Avenida de Mayo, a tree-lined boulevard built in the late 19th century, when Paris was undisputedly the centre of the world. Alongside the Avenue, many different-styled buildings were erected –Academicist, Borbonic, Italian, Neo Baroque, Art-Nouveau and Art Déco, among other styles. Some of the buildings we’ll be seeing in more details are, among others, La Prensa, nowadays the House of Culture; the Vera Palace; the traditional Hotel Castelar; and the monumental Barolo Palace, inspired on Dante’s Divine Comedy. At the other end of the avenue lies the Congress, and the traditional El Molino tearoom.
Next, we head for Puerto Madero, a cutting-edge urban renovation project initiated in 1991, which finally integrates the city to the river. First, a series of silos and cereal deposits located in the docks of a huge abandoned port district were recycled into upscale residential buildings, trendy restaurants and VIP nightclubs. Nowadays, Puerto Madero has become a sort of international district, concentrating the most ambitious real estate and hotel investments. Here, we’ll stop at an area known as ‘Little Manhattan’, which concentrates a handful of state-of-the-art, intelligent buildings created by the greatest Argentine architects, such as César Pelli and Mario Roberto Álvarez. Before we leave, we’ll see the Woman’s Bridge, created by Spanish genius Santiago Calatrava.
On our way to Recoleta, we’ll pass along the impressive Tribunals building, a patent example of the early 20th century Academicist style, built by French architect Norbert Mallard, the Colón Theatre, one of the city’s greatest attractions, and the Cervantes National Theatre, a Renaissance building with Plateresque columns. Then, we’ll visit Plaza San Martín, designed by French-Argentine landscape architect Charles Thays. Around the square lie some of the city’s most conspicuous buildings: the former Palacio Paz, nowadays the Military Society, and the Kavanagh Building, South America’s first skyscraper, among others.
Once in Recoleta, we’ll visit the namesake Cemetery, one of Buenos Aires’ greatest attractions. Inaugurated in 1822, this true labyrinth of funeral monuments commissioned to some of the greatest artists of the last two centuries is the eternal home of the most conspicuous –and wealthy– figures in Argentine history, paradoxically including Eva Perón, who was a known enemy of the upper classes. Next to the Cemetery, we visit the Basilica de Nuestra Señora del Pillar, a Colonial church built in 1732 that is surprisingly well preserved. We then walk across Alvear Avenue, where we observe the sumptuous palaces built by the Argentine aristocracy to rival with Paris, such as the Ortíz Basualdo palace. After seeing the imposing neoclassical mass of Buenos Aires Law School, on Figueroa Alcorta Avenue, we’ll visit the peculiar Sanitation building, with its strange majolica façade, built in 1887. This strange French Renaissance palace was built entirely from detachable pieces.
Observations: Lunch is not included, can be added with 2 hours extension. This itinerary can be complemented with other city attractions, on request.
> Suggested activity (Not included - In addition): Art Museums, Private Galleries & Ateliers Visits - Meet The Artist Private Experience (Personalized) | Vehicle and English-speaking Art Curator guide/host at disposal | Duration: to be agreed (estimate 4 hours) | Mineral water on board included | Tailor-made itinerary according to guest's artistic interest - Customized program including visits to local Museums (Shared) and Private Galleries / Collections | Entrance tickets for selected venues included.
Some of our guests want their trip to Argentina to be a unique art itinerary where they can discover different local expressions and be close to their authors. For those who have a serious interest in art, we invite them to discover an alternative side of Buenos Aires, visiting museums and art galleries as seen by the eyes of its contemporary artists. This experience is an exclusive opportunity for visitors to meet artists in the intimacy of their ateliers and move beyond the typical anonymous gallery or museum encounters. Our art curator picks you up at their hotel and starts a personalized journey through the finest hidden art spots of Buenos Aires. Closed-door private galleries, exquisite private home collections, more than just an exhibition space, this spot is an alternative to the rigidity of other galleries.
Observations: Most museums are closed on Mondays. Please check with us the availability according to your interests. Our art curator is able to offer assistance for possible shipments of purchases made if any.
> Suggested activity (Not included - In addition): Customized Shopping Tour - Explore Buenos Aires with a personal shopper Private Service (Personalized) | Vehicle and English-speaking personal shopper host at disposal | Duration: Half Day (4 hours) | Mineral water on board included | Fully Customized Service according to guest´s profile, needs, and likes through a questionnaire | Our specialist will gather all important information before the activity, to make all necessary arrangements to visit showrooms and shops with prior notice, when necessary; special fittings can be arranged as well, upon request.
Buenos Aires is a shopper's paradise...providing you know where to go. We design private shopping tours with your very own personal shopper, customized to your shopping needs, tastes and requests. Our shopping trips will show you Buenos Aires' thriving closed-door shopping scene and include visits to exclusive, appointment-only designer showrooms, private galleries and workshops, where you will have the opportunity to meet the designer or artisan in person and learn their story, as well as shop for one-of-a-kind made-in-Argentina pieces that you won't find elsewhere.
We'll also help you hunt down specific items on your wish list, help with the language barrier and give you some personal style advice along the way. This shopping experience can be focused on the guest's needs, for example Silver Articles | Leather Goods | Argentinean Art.
Observations: A questionnaire will be advance to guests, in order to know preferences and expectations for this shopping experience.
Free time to enjoy dinner on your own.
Experience Underground Buenos Aires - Speakeasy Cocktail Adventure Private Experience (Personalized) | Vehicle and English-speaking Bartender host at disposal | Duration: Half Day (4 hours) | Visit 3 of the best cocktail bars in town and enjoy 1 cocktail per bar (food is not included) | Speakeasy personalized book with notes and cocktails recipes and Hangover Kit included | preferably, from Wednesday to Saturday.
Imagine for a moment that you travel back in time... It is 1930, New York City, during the days of prohibition. You have an envelope with a clue and if you are smart enough to guess the correct answer, you will join the mystery of the secret speakeasy bars… Even to this day, Buenos Aires boasts a wide variety of close-door bars that recreate the atmosphere and style of those old times. Since they are usually above, below, or behind something else that makes them less-than-easy to locate, we offer our travellers a different and unique experience: an expert bartender guides them through the city's intriguing prohibition-style cocktail dens.
Observations: Guests can decide to have a bite during the experience, or preferably schedule it after dinner. A dinner menu is not included unless specifically asked to be quoted in addition.
Overnight at Jardin Escondido by Coppola

Meal: Breakfast and Lunch

Gaucho Experience at Estancia El Milagro & Historical Town of San Antonio de Areco Private Experience | Vehicle and English speaking guide assistance | Duration: Full Day (10 hours) | Customized tour at Areco Town | Mineral water and snacks included | Asado meals and drinks included at the ranch | Gaucho experience.
This is a unique way of getting the ambiance of a small gaucho town, declared historical town and cradle of the Argentinian traditions, and experiencing an Estancia in the Pampas. With the company of local Towner’s visit to their friends` workshops, gaucho bar, the main square, and the old neighbourhood. The Estancia still remains with the traditional adobe construction of the Pampas: practical in its design but authentic and comfortable, some farm animals, crops and still real gauchos working.
Program and Timing: -
8:20am pick up at your hotel in BA - 9:50am arrival in San Antonio de Areco: walking guided tour in the gaucho town, main square, reception at the gauchos` bar (coffee break included) silversmith workshop - 11:30am departing from town - 11:50am arrival to the Estancia: reception with empanadas (pastries) and drinks, horseback riding or carriage ride, complete lunch of "Asado" Argentino, folk music with dancers, demonstration of gaucho skills on horseback - 4:30pm Depart from the Estancia - 6:15pm arrival to Buenos Aires.
Free night at leisure.
Suggested dinner plans (not included – in addition): Casa Coupage Closed Door Dinner Experience Regular Service (Shared) | 07-course wine pairing menu included | Duration: Half Day (3 hours) | Transfers not included.
Learn about the breadth of Argentine wine with a sommelier as your guide. Casa Coupage is a unique space where you can discover & interpret wine paired with delicious Argentinian modern food in a truly personal atmosphere. Casa Coupage offers an haute-cuisine venue for Argentine as well as international patrons. “The wine is a noble beverage that reaches its best expression when shared. That’s why we created an exclusive meeting point where a personal relationship with the wine can be developed, together with people who share the same passion”. - Santiago Mymicopulo. The concept itself is irresistibly delicious: dinner is held in a charming dining room of a late 19th-century house. Seasonal first and main courses are each accompanied with a specially selected wine, allowing for both a comparative wine tasting and an optimal food pairing. The sommelier of the house guides the experience and provides background information regarding the specific terroir, variety of grape, and winemaker.
Observations: Restaurant capacity: 8 guests, Fully Private meals can be quoted upon request, Round trip private transfers can be quoted upon request.
Overnight at Jardin Escondido by Coppola

Meal: Breakfast and Lunch

Private transfer from hotel to Ezeiza International Airport (EZE), with guide assistance in order to take flight back
home. Mineral water on board.

Meal: Breakfast


- All mentioned activities with bilingual guide services (English/Spanish or Portuguese) or as above specifications.
- All taxes and reservations expenses.


- International and Domestic airfare.
- National Park tickets, museums or Natural reserves entrances in case not mentioned as included in itinerary.
- Airport arrival/departure taxes (if any).
- Meals and beverages not mentioned in itinerary.
- Gratuities, tips for guides, drivers, porters, waiters, etc.
- Expenses of personal nature (laundry, beverages, telephone calls, etc.).


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Buenos Aires - Jardin Escondido by Coppola - Superior Room

- Rates liable to changes and availability.

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Certain countries require that travelers be vaccinated against specific diseases. Check with your doctor and the Embassies of countries to which you are traveling to satisfy yourself as to whether your destination has any requirements in this respect.

All prices are indicative and starting from prices. Final price will be available based on availability and dates of travel.

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